13th September 2014 - One Day Conference "Mission and Minds: Cultural Challenge" - London

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This world is God’s world, and mission is joining God in his caring for, sustaining and transforming His world, with the goal of re-establishing harmony between God and his creation, including humankind. It is a privilege and joy to be part of God's mission in the university setting. We are focusing on crossing the boundary between academia and the church - this is a really important issue.
Purpose: To explore how to see academic work as part of God crossing cultures on His mission and delighting in using academics like us in this work

Christianity and Natural Philosophy

Professor J.H. Brooke has written an historian's Perspective for C-A-N- on "Christianity and the Rise of Modern Science" which includes the interactions of what was initially called ‘Natural Philosophy' and ideas from Christianity.  To view the article, click on HISTORY: The Rise of Science.

John Brooke cites key papers and books for the different issues touched on within his Perspective.  For fuller overviews he suggests:
David C. Lindberg and Ronald L. Numbers (eds.), When Science & Christianity Meet (Chicago UP, 2003).  [Includes an excellent bibliographic guide]

John Brooke and Geoffrey Cantor, Reconstructing Nature: The Engagement of Science & Religion (T & T Clark and Oxford UP, 2000).