13th September 2014 - One Day Conference "Mission and Minds: Cultural Challenge" - London

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This world is God’s world, and mission is joining God in his caring for, sustaining and transforming His world, with the goal of re-establishing harmony between God and his creation, including humankind. It is a privilege and joy to be part of God's mission in the university setting. We are focusing on crossing the boundary between academia and the church - this is a really important issue.
Purpose: To explore how to see academic work as part of God crossing cultures on His mission and delighting in using academics like us in this work



The quarterly magazine of the Jubilee Centre includes in its Spring 2004 issue an article by Dr John Coeffey (Reader in history at the University of Leicester) on the political thought of the German Calvinist, Johannes Althusius (1557-1638), in his book Systematic Analysis of Politics (1603).

Coffey takes Althusius to define politics as the art of RELATING, protecting and fostering social life at all levels.  Althusius drew key principles from Jewish polity in the Old Testament which, he argued, need to be applied imaginatively to the special circumstances of each culture.

John Coffey's article below can also be found at the Jubilee Centre website
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