BIOLOGY: Creation and evolution

Two of the Faraday Papers on Science and Religion address the controversy about God’s creation of humanity and biological evolution of humanity, one by a biblical scholar who has been a research biochemist and the other a professor of genetics who believes in the Bible as the revealed word of God.

The Rev. Dr. Ernest Lucas writes, “Far from being incompatible with the findings of modern science, Genesis provides us with a framework within which we can pursue our science and technology for the positive benefit of humankind and the rest of creation.” Click here for his paper (PDF format)

Prof. Berry argues that opposing creation and evolution misconceives them both.  He writes, “‘Creation’ is a theological term acknowledging the dependence of all that exists upon the authorship of the Creator. ‘Evolution’ refers to our current understanding as to how God has brought biological diversity into being.  Both accounts are required to do justice to what we as scientists observe.” “Creation and evolution, not creation or evolution”. Click here for his paper (PDF format).