Scripture and the Authority of God

Tom Wright (2005) Scripture and the Authority of GodSPCK Publishing ISBN 0281057222


Synopsis (Amazon web site)
Lively & topical overview of the issues involved when the authority of scripture is cited or called into question An account of how the church does, and should, understand the authority of scripture – how do we read the Bible, how does our understanding change over time, who has power to change or challenge what the church believes, how do we balance the claims of the Bible against those of Christian tradition and of personal discernment? This is particularly topical at the moment especially when questions of authority and schism are live issues.

About the Author
N.T. Wright is Bishop of Durham and the author of over thirty books on the New Testament, including the monumental works in the series Christian Origins and the Question of God, and the popular For Everyone Series. He is also a member of the International Anglican Doctrinal and Theological Commission, and was also a member of the Lambeth Commission which wrote The Windsor Report.