2015: Symposium “Role(s) of apologetics for Christians in the Academy”

A very stimulating day was held at Birkbeck University, London. We are pleased to be able to supply the following resources for those unable to attend.

Morning Session

Four papers were presented as follows:
Introduction from Sue Halliday (3 minute mp3 file) click here

Morning Session

 Introduction to day: Sue Halliday mp3 file (3 mins. 1.14 MBytes)

  – Jason Clark (Director of Training UCCF) click here to listen (mp3 file, 22 mins, 9MBytes)
  – Andrew Fellows (Head of English L’Abri) click here to read notes (pdf) and click here to listen (mp3 file, 19 mins, 7.5 MBytes)
  – Andrew Basden (Professor emeritus Information Systems and Philosophy, Salford University) click here to list (mp3 file, 22 mins, 9MBytes)
  – Mark Surey (C-A-N- Travelling Secretary) click here to listen (mp3 file, 22 mins, 9MBytes)

Afternoon Session

The afternoon was spent is a very thoughtful and constructive open time of sharing reflections and thoughts. The following notes is a useful, constructive and very helpful summary of the discussion. (Particular thanks are due to the excellent way in which Andrew basden managed to capture all contributions in a succinct way.

Discussion notes: click here (pdf)