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Perspectives on different disciplines beginning with F-M

Perspectives are welcome from Christians who publish peer-reviewed research papers or teach degree courses in the area(s) involved from a base in any academic department. These brief items may be scholarly overviews and/or annotated lists of key links and books, of use to graduates of other disciplines or undergraduates on degree courses involving the study of culture.

Send proposals of topics or authors or requests for Perspectives to the editor on perspectives@c-a-n.org.uk

MEDICINE: Artificial reproduction

Artificial reproduction: applying Christian principles to ethical quandaries Infertility (no pregnancy after 1-2 years unprotected intercourse) affects about 1 in 8 couples and gives rise to considerable distress. In around one third of couples the problem originates in the man, in another third in the woman and in the final third no cause is identified.…

MEDICINE: Spiritual Aspects of Medicine and Psychiatry

When I was younger, I took up psychiatry because I enjoyed it and seemed quite good at it. However, I was not only naïve but also deeply influenced by my protected Christian upbringing. The consequences were not only that I found it easy, and often enjoyable, to speak in depth and make sound sense with…