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Here is a short list of books and papers which will be of interest to Christian academics. 

C-A-N- does not have any librarians to compile the list – so if you have any suggestions / recommendations to add to the list please let us know by sending details to

What It Means To Be A Christian Academic

Living with tension Christian academics find themselves in a predicament, existing in no man’s land between the two communities towards which they naturally gravitate. These two communities are the ones indicated by the term ‘Christian academic’. They may find themselves at loggerheads with the Christian community, because they may not fit easily into the expectations…

Witness in student classes

Thank you John Walkup for your helpful article explaining how, in your first class of the academic year, you tell your students about your becoming a Christian. I am more timid. I teach in the University of Lausanne, in French-speaking Switzerland, and the influence of French secularism is quite strong here. In my first lecture…