Parallel Organisations

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Faculty Commons (formerly known as Christian Leadership Ministries): Christian Leadership Ministries is an American, parallel organisation to C-A-N. They are part of Campus Crusade for Christ and were very helpful in creating the original vision for C-A-N. They have substantial resources available



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1   Link   Agricultural Christian Fellowship
2   Link   Association of Christian Astronomers
3   Link   Association of Christian Counsellors
4   Link   Association of Christian Economists
5   Link   Association of Christian Librarians
6   Link   Association of Christian Teachers
7   Link   Association of Christian Writers
8   Link   Association of Christians In Media
9   Link   Association of Christians in Public Relations
10   Link   British Association of Christians in Psychology (BACIP)
11   Link   C.S.Lewis Societies
The Christian faith which lies at the heart of the academic and general work of C.S. Lewis. The Oxford University C.S. Lewis Society has meetings and a journal that bring together interests in his contributions and those of colleagues such as J.R.R.
12   Link   Christian Dental Fellowship
13   Link   Christian Engineers Association
14   Link   Christian Medical Fellowship
15   Link   Christian Literary Studies Group
16   Link   Christians at Work
17   Link   Christians In Architecture and Planning
18   Link   Christians in Caring Professions
19   Link   Christians in Communications
20   Link   Christians in Consulting
21   Link   Christians in Healthcare
22   Link   Christians in Politics
23   Link   Christians in Science(UK)
24   Link   Christians in Sport
25   Link   Lawyers Christian Fellowship
27   Link   Réseau des scientifiques évangéliques
28   Link   Social Workers Christian Fellowship