C-A-N- is a network, not another club, society or organisation. We exist to serve and encourage one another as we seek to be ‘salt and light’ where we work – which we see as the God given calling to all Christians where they work – especially in Higher Education. [See Alister McGrath’s paper for more on this theme]
Yes we do teach, conduct research and (some) run departments. Others supply administrative and technical support. But it is more than a mere job – we can add a unique perspective to both our disciplines and institutions – an alternative world view which is an eternal, God centric perspective. That is what we humbly [and albeit often inadequately] seek to do.

By networking together we can support, encourage, stimulate and sharpen each other further.

By using modern communications technology we can be flexible, efficient and effective as we seek to network.

Do you need encouragement? – then join the network. If not – well we can certainly do with all the encouragement we can get, so please encourage us.

We use a newsletter email list to keep members informed of developments, ideas and new resources which come to our attention as well as events that we run ourselves. Newsletters are typically sent out every 1-2 months along with event registration reminders where appropriate as nobody appreciates being overwhelmed with too much information. For more information and link for signing up for the newsletter please click here 

Additionally we also wish to facilitate online discussion, sharing of information and requests for support with each other. To do this we run a Facebook group. On joining you will be asked questions to “apply” to join as we restrict this group to those who are interested academics or those who have a specific interest in Christians in academia for focused discussions and sharing of information. For security reasons the group is closed but you are very welcome to apply by visiting the Facebook page found by clicking here

What’s in it for me – is there any commitment?
Well hopefully you will see this as an opportunity to participate as well as receive – but if, for now, you only wish to receive then please enjoy what we have to offer.

Some people limit their involvement to receiving our email newsletter and a few other communications. (We will not overwhelm your inbox). You are welcome to join our list without obligation.

And there is always the opportunity to share in our participative style conferences, and we will send you advanced details of these.

You would also be welcome to raise (relevant) topical issues for discussion as well as contributing to the discussion of issues raise by others

Another important medium of communication is our website. We are always looking for more perspectives, publications, reviews etc to be published. Why not be a contributor yourself? At any rate please do take a good look at what is currently available and let others know (e.g. by telling a fiend).

Who can join?
Anyone with an interest in out activities may join -if you have read this far you must be interested in our vision so why not join in?

More information/ join now
For more information or to sign up now click here


C-A-N- can only function as we network together.  You are very welcome as a ‘silent’ member of the network – but if all members were to be silent there would be no networking. So come and benefit from the network, and input as you are able.

The small print
We are sure you will appreciate that we do have a constitution and operate within it to fulfil the goal God has given C-A-N-. We therefore reserve the right to ensure that all contributions are within that context.