Knowing Through Poetic Reflection

The author invites readers to respond to the ideas in his latest book:

  1. The chapters make original contributions to the use of poetry and art in mission.
  2. The book makes a new contribution to the writing of poetry as a process and product of qualitative and action research.
  3. The central theme is about poetry and reflection. It describes the use of art and poetry in a church community project.
  4. Then subsequent chapters explore the healing power of humour, and analyse the relationships between poetry and prophecy, and poetry and wisdom. The author illustrates poetry as theological reflection, and discusses the forms and processes of his writing.
  5. A key chapter is about poetry as a means and product of research, and a way of knowing.
  6. In the final two chapters, the author makes an appeal for restoring the status of poetry in Church life, and explains his methodology.

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