The Idea Of A Christian University – Review

The Idea of A Christian University – Essays on Theology and Higher Education
Jeff Astley, Lelsie Francis, John Sullivan, Andrew Walker (Editors)
Price £19.99, Publisher Paternoster, ISBN – 1-94227-260-8

Today the academy is in a state of turmoil, torn apart by market-driven pressures, systematic under-funding by central government, demoralised and impoverished standards, over-worked and highly stressed staff, increased student numbers and an ever widening division between research-led and teaching-led institutions. All this is a far cry from the religiously-inspired ideals of Christian higher education which underpinned the foundation of so many centres of learning across the UK, Europe, North America, and Australasia.

In this timely and provocative collection of essays, scholars from Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA reexamine the idea of a Christian university and offer a radical alternative vision for the future of the academy Theologians from Anglican, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant traditions engage both with the historic roots from which the idea of the Christian university emerges and with the contemporary challenges and opportunities faced by higher education today They draw on insights from Christian theology for shaping a new vision for the contemporary academy.

Contributors include Professor Sam Berry, Professor David Carr, Dr Gavin D’Costa, Dr Gerard Loughlin, Dr Patricia Malone, Professor lan Markham, Professor Adrian Thatcher and Dr Elmer Thiessen, whilst the editors are Jeff Astley, Director of the North of England Institute for Christian Education, Leslie Francis, Professor of Practical Theology in the University of Wales, Bangor, John Sullivan, Professor of Christian Education and Foundation Dean of Liverpool Hope College of Higher Education, and Andrew Walker, Canon Professor of Theology, Culture and Education at King’s College, London.

[Review extracted from the Wesley Owen Cataolgue]