Future Conferences / events

Until we can meet together Face-To-Face C-A-N- is developing a series of short, online events where we can all “Share and Develop” together. Maybe you have something to share which would bless others? – Send your ideas to us at secretary@c-a-n.org.uk.

Share and Develop is a time for Christian academics to come together and share their story and develop together.

The first such event is taking place on Wed 10 March 2021 18:00 – 18:45 GMT.
Prof Jonathan Reid will be sharing his story about his recent research carried out on respiratory particles exhaled when singing. (This received widespread news coverage in August 2020). As well as being an academic, Jonathan is a worship leader and we will hear about how this brought together his work and his faith.

Please join us for this inaugural “Share and Develop” event. To avoid ‘ZoomBombing’ yo will need to register using this link


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