C-A-N- Purpose

Our purpose is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through the academic community.

We seek to encourage the integration of Christian faith into academic life and to support and equip University and College staff and those academics working in research as witnesses for Christ in their workplace.

We are convinced that:  

  • Each member of staff has been uniquely gifted, specially called and placed on their campus by God.
  • We are ambassadors for Christ in our own specialised mission field.
  • The academic community is one of the most influential groups in the country. We draw the next generation of leaders from university graduates and therefore university staff are strategically placed for tremendous national influence and a worldwide impact for Christ.
  • Every Christian in the university community has a role to play in bringing God back to the centre of our intellectual life through working in their academic discipline. Christian values and thinking can again permeate the academy and in turn society as the Christian world view is seen as sufficient and relevant to all of life in every discipline.
  • In working with other Christians on campus, the academic community and the body of Christ, each with their part to play, can have a greater impact than working alone.
  • A country-wide, cross-disciplinary network of Christian academics and staff brings encouragement, support, stimulation and a renewed sense of corporate vision and hope to the academic community and its work