Here is a short list of books and papers which will be of interest to Christian academics. 

C-A-N- does not have any librarians to compile the list – so if you have any suggestions / recommendations to add to the list please let us know by sending details to

A Catholic University in the UK?

Thank you, Richard, for a most informative review, and Gavin O’Costa for what must be an insightful book. It’s hard to tell which of you (or neither) but there are at least two intriguing segues being played – I believe of fundamental practical and theoretical importance. One is between the activities of Christians in a…

A little gem

The original author is unknown, but Dr Gwynne Davies wants to share this little gem with us all. Is it relevant to your life? Whether or not that is true, why not share it with your students? and let us know what they think?  The  Mayonnaise Jar and Coffee When things in your life seem…